Pre-construction services
Under any delivery method, vital decisions are made during the pre-construction phase that will align a projects intent, design, and cost with an owner’s objective. By offering pre-construction services to our clients, Momon Construction can bring involvement and insight to this phase, often creating a seamless transition into the construction phase.

Pre-construction services include:
• Site analysis
• Comprehensive planning & scheduling
• Permitting
• Conceptual budgeting
• Cost estimating
• Alternate pricing
• Subcontractor selection
• Value engineering
• Cost/Benefit analysis
• Risk control

Construction services
Early involvement in the construction phase is critical to the overall success of any project. Momon Construction will provide a project team that will manage proactively to ensure that cost overruns or delays are avoided. Each project team member will work closely with the architect and engineer to provide the owner with an optimal project design, schedule, and cost structure.

Construction services include:
• Schedule monitoring & control
• Field supervision
• Project management
• Safety training
• Design & systems evaluation
• Self performed work
• Cost management

Post-construction services
After project completion, Momon Construction strives to ensure the owners are completely satisfied with their construction experience and will refer us to others.

Post-construction services include:
• Punch list
• Manuals
• Warranty service
• As-built drawings
• Pre-warranty expiration inspection

Construction management is the process by which a qualified third party provides construction leadership with a defined scope of work throughout the various phases of the project. A construction manager represents the interest of the owner by administering the construction contract and managing the project, including cost, time, and quality aspects of the project. In its purest form, construction management is performed by an independent party as a separate professional service. These services are generally contracted on a fee type basis.

Design-build is a form of project delivery in which the owner contracts with a single entity, the design-builder, to provide both design and construction services. Advantages to this process is the single point of responsibility and the potential to expedite all phases of the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases. It also gives the client the security of knowing Momon Construction will be completely responsible for all phases of the building process and the performance of the facility after completion.